The Minuteman Series

Quick Access Gun Safe

Ready at a moments notice and covertly placed,

The Minuteman series of Quick Access gun safes are your go to security containers

in the HOME when a threat arises.

The Minuteman can be mounted between the studs into a wall for a covert installation.

As the door opens the guns are presented in a muzzle down ready to deploy attitude.

Easy access to a long gun, hand gun and flashlight.

The Minuteman

Body     48"Hx14.25"Wx6"D (including flange)
Flange    49.5"Hx17.25"Wx2"D
Weight    100 lbs

Features of the Minuteman Series

Quick Access Gun Safes

  • Soild Steel Construction
  • UL listed top lit electronic lock
  • Biometric lock option
  • Stand alone security
  • Secure from wifi, bluetooth or rfid hacking
  • No keys to loose or be stolen
  • Battery accessible from outside
  • Motion activated interior light
  • Patent Pending

The Minuteman Magnum

Bigger & Badder than it's little brother, the Minuteman Magnum holds more than you would expect.
Guns store both on the door and in the body.
It mounts to the floor thru 4 holes in the bottom for security.

Minuteman Magnum

Body Outside 50"Hx20"Wx12"D
Weight  170 lbs

View of the inside of the door.

Adjustable muzzle support allow long guns up to 39" long to be ready at a moments notice.

The Minuteman

Never before has a safe been designed to give such quick access to the tools you need when you need them.

Patented Access System:
As you access the UL listed electronic lock or the optional biometric lock the door opens, hinged from the bottom presenting the guns to you.

You do not have to reach into the safe and fumble to get a loaded long gun or handgun to the ready.

Simply pick up the gun you want, it's ready to deploy, muzzle down for safety.

The recessed door has interlocking ears along both edges fully locking the door and sides of the safe together preventing forcible entry.
A solid deadbolt automatically extends as the door closes 
the safe. 
This may not be your primary safe holding your entire collection, but it is the ONLY safe you will need when a threat comes to your door!

Patent #
US 11,131,137 B2
US 11,385,023 B1