MagnaVault EX

Balancing excellent security with affordability, the MagnaVault EX is one of our most popular series of safes. Built with a heavy composite construction, large bolts, glass relockers and quality second to none, the MagnaVault series will give you the peace of mind you're looking for at price that's hard to beat... more


Available in both 1 hour and 2 hour protection.
The FlameVault Series will give you the confidence to know that your valuable records are safe from the perils of fire... more

Gun Safes

Gun Safes by HAYMAN Safe Co gives you a Better and Best selection to protect your collection and continue:
"An American Tradition".
See the selection here


The CashVault depository & money chest series offers cash storage convenience, a variety of options and long lasting durability at a great low price. We have a variety of sizes to ensure you find exactly what you're looking for... more

The Worlds Best Selling In-Floor Safe

 Polyethylene Floor Safes
When an in-floor safe is what you need, this is the one you want.
Our patented design represents one of the most dramatic departures from what has always been considered the "standard" floor safe and taken it to a new level.
Steel Floor Safes
The full size steel bodied floor safes are perfect for those situations where you might want to install a floor safe into something other than concrete. In addition, using steel allows us to make a wide variety of sizes, including extra-large capacity models to give you the room you need when you've got a lot to protect... more

The Last Wall Safe you will ever need.
Protection places right where you need it most. This flush mounting wall safe fits any 6" or 4" deep wall... more


The newly designed DynaVault series has met the challenge of providing protection and value. While maintaining the important features of a mechanical relocker & drill resistant hardplate, each model of the DynaVaults gives you the best in real world security...   more